• An alternative to random calling farmers for survey inputs
    This week we advised an impact investor who thought it would be a nice idea to cold call farmers and survey them out of the blue. They wanted to know if farmers of a specific crop in a specific region are prepared for climate change and how they could offer philanthropic funding to help. They … Read more
  • Priorities as @ 29 June 2020 FCCI & CACAO.academy
    1. FCCI Cacao Academy With the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute, we launched the FCCI Cacao Academy in response to COVID19-physical distancing. The purpose of this is to provide immediate and impactful support farmers with the training they need in a digital format they ask for. Here you can read the concept note from Lyss … Read more
  • Priorities as @ 24 May 2020. COVID-19 cocoa farm and more.
    In the last months we have prioritised supporting the VOICEnetwork with a COVID-19 cocoa farm response. While we had actually planned to be working on mid-season harvest engagement, the coronavirus implications dramatically changed priorities through the cacao world. Dramatically, we saw extension services stop due to physical distancing measures. Cacao sales slowed or stopped for … Read more