An alternative to random calling farmers for survey inputs

This week we advised an impact investor who thought it would be a nice idea to cold call farmers and survey them out of the blue.

They wanted to know if farmers of a specific crop in a specific region are prepared for climate change and how they could offer philanthropic funding to help. They thought of planning random phone dialling, if a farmer answered the phone to offer money, and conduct a survey of needs regarding climate resilience.

Clearly, we suggested an alternative idea to that. I discuss it over a coffee with Manuel Kreitmeir , European policy advisor in the social economy and coming from a tea-growing family in Sri Lanka. Manuel knows similar projects from supporting his family in tea development, as well as shaping frameworks in developmental and agri-aid and social enterprise. Join us for a 10-minute discussion through the project over a coffee.

I have been asked by our funding clients or developmental customers to explain more some principles that we work with at CACAO academy and in intervention design and deploy, so I promised to make 10 conversational videos outlining a story a week, share interesting evidence to indicate some solutions and chat with a colleague about their experience.

If you want to be in touch with Manuel, please contact him here on linked in. He is fantastic and we love to work with him on a variety of projects.

We are testing out this idea of quick 10-20 min conversations about projects, relating them to evidence and having feedback from a colleague. I was asked to have easy to understand discussions of principles and methods we work with, for partners, customers and supporters.

Alyssa Jade

26 January 2021